ABC Gap Audit

Companies with strong ABC linkages make their numbers while those with ABC gaps fail to do so.

Gap Audit Services

SOMAmetrics provides GAP (Growth Ability Performance) Audits that enable a company to pinpoint the issues that prevent it from achieving its growth objectives.

The SOMAmetrics GAP Audit is a quick, intense, and comprehensive investigation into a company’s external and internal environments. The focus is on understanding the ABC of the company and to what extent there is strong linkage or gap in the ABC (see side bar to the right).

Engagement Process

Our Sales Assessment–also called Growth-Ability-Performance (GAP) Audit—consists of three phases:

  • Investigate – investigate internal capabilities and gaps, as well as external opportunities and threats. The two key modes of conducting the investigation is through completely anonymous interviews and comprehensive sales and marketing data review.
    • Interviews with senior management are designed to determine the three C’s of ABC (Clarity, Consistency, and Commitment). Are all members of Senior Management on the same page of the ABC? Do they have the same degree of commitment?
    • Review of data in various systems and published content to determine if there is consistency with the ABC plan
  • Analyze – during this phase, analysis is conducted to determine alignment between stated goals, strategies and implementation.
    • Analysis of existing customers, targeted customers, and competitors to understand where the opportunities and threats are
    • Analysis of sales and marketing performance, to identify where the internal strengths and weaknesses are.
  • Recommend – provide a solid bridge plan that enables the company to go from A to C and achieve its growth potential.

The entire GAP audit typically takes 2-3 days to complete.

The ABC Gap

The purpose of SOMAmetrics GAP Audit is to determine the ABC of a company, where:

  • A is where a company is today
  • C is where it wants to be, and
  • B is the “bridge” that it builds to get from A to C

Companies that have strong ABC linkage typically meet or exceed their revenue objectives.

Similarly, companies that have an ABC gap typically miss their revenue objectives.

There are two reasons for why companies may have an ABC gap:

  1. They don’t have a very good bridge (B) plan
  2. They have a solid bridge plan but have not been able to execute it to date.

In most instances, the reason for ABC gaps and why revenue targets are missed is because of combination of the two.

Often, even when solid bridge plans have been developed, the company typically lacks the resources to execute. As a result, months and even years go by. By then, both A and C have shifted and the bridge plan is no longer effective or relevant.

The most commonly cited reason why bridge plans are not executed on time is lack of the needed resources. In some cases, the skills sets are not there. More commonly, existing resources are so focused on doing the mandate of A that they never get a chance to work on C.

The best way to execute bridge plans on time and achieve targeted revenue growths is to work with an outside firm that provides the necessary resources to execute the bridge plan. Contact Us to start on evaluating your ABC plan.