B2B Lead Generation

Delivering the fastest lead-to-revenue cycle in Lead Generation

The craft of Lead Generation

The goal of a B2B Lead Generation Programs is to build a high-quality sales pipeline consisting of sales opportunities that have a higher likelihood of closing within the shortest possible time.

Realizing a decent return on investment (ROI) on a lead generation program is a two-step process:

  • Building the right quality and size of pipeline to keep the Sales Team fully productive
  • Ensuring that leads convert at a targeted rate and within targeted time frames so as to meet revenue goals

High level decision makers are always difficult to reach. Because everyone wants to sell them something, they have to screen their calls, and rarely return emails or calls–unless they find them compelling. And each year, they are getting harder to reach.

It is, therefore, critical to understand their buying preference, and align one’s selling process to fit their preference.Unsolicited and often irrelevant phone calls and emails typically go against the buyer’s journey, which only makes decision makers even less accessible.

The right B2B Lead Generation program gives prospects reasons to want to be contacted. It fully aligns their interest with yours, making it easier for your sales people to start and maintain a sales dialogue.

SOMAmetrics uses its Four Funnels Methodology to align with the prospective buyer’ preferred way of engagement. We use relevant content to engage prospects and induces them to grant us permission to call, qualify, and arrange a meeting between them and  one of your sales rep.

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Why most Lead Gen Programs Don’t work very well

When Lead Generation programs do not produce the desired results, it is typically because of one or more of the following reasons:

  • Lack of focus. Most lead generation program tend to prefer to acquire large lists. The emphasis is on “casting a wide net to gather a few nuggets”. This tends to pass on unqualified leads to sales.
  • Lack of compelling message. A compelling message is what gets calls and emails returned. General purpose messages are largely irrelevant and tend to turn off prospects.
  • Using Junior Reps. Most Lead Generation companies hire junior people in order to lower their cost and compete on price. This usually means that the BDRs don’t know how to access, engage , or properly qualify the high level decision makers that sales reps need.
  • Vague Qualifying Criteria. Without clear qualifying criteria, many interested but unqualified prospects are passed on to leads, leading to frustration and lack of confidence in the program.
  • Ineffective marketing support. Prospects are primarily driven by the need to solve a specific and compelling business challenge they face. High level decision makers typically assign someone internally to do a preliminary search and report back to them with potential vendor candidates. Lead generation campaigns that don’t support this process tend to work against the prospect’s preferred buying process, resulting in poor lead generation performance.

SOMAmetrics’ processes, systems, and resources are designed to overcome these pitfalls and produce superior lead generation results for clients.