Marketing Operations

The foundation to all high-quality Lead Generation programs

B2B Marketing is Critical to B2B Lead Generation

One of the keys to a successful B2B Lead Generation Program is having an effective Marketing Operations Program to support phone-prospecting activities. Business Development Reps (BDRs) typically work in Funnel 3, calling and qualifying prospects in an attempt to convert them into Sales Qualified Leads (SQLs). The goal of Marketing Operations is to feed this Funnel 3 with sufficient number of Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) so that BDRs don’t have to make cold calls which typically produce very poor results.

Marketing Operations refers to the management of Funnels 1 and 2, which are primarily marketing activities including:

  • Identifying the compelling need that prospects have
  • Developing highly search engine optimized compelling content that draws prospects to your organization as inbound leads
  • Further increasing MQLs through outbound email and social media campaigns
  • Automating the campaigns so they nurture prospects until they are fully ready for BDRs to call them
  • Tracking, measuring, and optimizing Marketing Operations to continually improve on the lead generation results

SOMAmetrics has developed a core team of content and creative media developers and market data analysts who turn each of our client’s projects into highly effective Lead Generation Programs

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The Foundation of Quality Lead Generation

Although BDRs will cold-call to generate their own MQLs, the optimal ratio is for them to receive 50-60% of MQLs from Marketing Operations. These leads are essentially highly moticated inbound leads.

When a BDR qualifies and converts an inbound lead that came from Marketing Operations, the likelihood of this lead closing and closing fast is much higher than a lead produced from cold calling.


Engagement Process

The SOMAmetrics Marketing Operations Team works with clients to understand the key issues and develop these into a compelling story that will unfold in a series of email and social media campaigns.

The graphics below shows how SOMAmetrics develops content and campaigns to produce the desired number and qualify of Marketing Qualified Leads.

Engagement Process