Sales Enablement

Double the productivity of your sales reps by providing them with the support they need when they need it

Sales Enablement

The SOMAmetrics Sales Enablement service ensures that each of your sales reps hits his or her sales targets by:

  • Aligning Senior Management objectives with the key performance indicators and metrics used for Sales reps, and making sure that the Sales Team is doing exactly what Management wants
  • Building the tools and content that Sales people need to do their jobs right. These include reports and dashboards, email templates, views, and more.
  • Training Sales reps on how to use these tools and content optimally to increase their win rates
  • Delivering information and content at the right time and place where they need it
  • Engaging your Sales Team, understanding the challenges they face, and working with Management to systematically address these.

Think of the Sales Enablement Service as Tech Support for your sales team, enabling them to take full advantage of mobile technologies for sales productivity.

If your Sales Team uses, then the SOMAmetrics Sales Enablement service optimizes, and supports your team on a daily basis to dramatically increase their utilization and productivity on that platform.

Our pricing model is based on per Sales Rep supported basis. We support anywhere from a single sales rep and up, and provide tier-based discounts for supporting larger teams.

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