Rapid expansion solutions for Startups

The Perfect Startup Solutions

As a startup, you are striving to enter and compete with more established companies in your chosen market space. You have limited resources to develop your products and services, market, and support your customers. At this early stage, you may find it challenging to hire full time employees for every marketing and sales role you need. It would make more sense financially to hire only what you need and outsource critical, but non-strategic work partners.

It’s clear that marketing and sales must be done to increase revenue, yet they offer no real strategic value. However, companies do not differentiate themselves by becoming good at marketing or selling. They differentiate themselves by addressing their customer’s problems better or cheaper than competitors.

SOMAmetrics has made significant investments in building world-class Lead Generation, Marketing Operations, and support services. Let us complete these tasks for you so you can focus your team and resources on addressing your customers’ needs better than competitors.

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Marketing Operations

SOMAmetrics already has a team ready to build, launch and manage the marketing campaigns you need to create awareness and drive interest. It may be more cost effective for your company to utilize as little or as much marketing you need by working with SOMAmetrics compared to hiring full time employees of your own.

Lead Generation

SOMAmetrics has deep expertise in generating high quality leads for technology companies. We have the best practices, systems, processes, and expert Business Development Representatives to get your company the leads you need.

SOMAmetrics has extensive experience in setting up, optimizing, integrating, and administering on behalf of clients. Let us help you get off the ground and running until you are ready to take over managing your in-house.