Education Market

The overall US Education Market annually spends about $1.3 trillion, or 9% of the US GDP (second only to Healthcare). Of this, K-12 education spending is roughly about $670 billion annually, still a very large market, with early education making up about $70 billion.

While these aggregate numbers are staggering, they hide the enormously wide amount and variety of products, services, and infrastructure spending that goes in them. The numbers include spending in software, hardware, books, online education, tutoring, payroll to teachers and administrators, construction spending, and more.

Further complicating especially the public education market is the many Federal, State, and Local laws that must be understood in order to successfully navigate through them. Any company that wants to succeed in the Education Market must, therefore, become skilled at navigating through the purchase making decision process, the sources and timings of funding, and the various laws that govern it.

SOMAmetrics has deep expertise selling to the Public K-12 Education market, with experienced staff that has sold software, hardware, and services to schools and school districts. Over the years, we have learned the process of accessing decision makers, the funding structure, and what key issues that educators and superintendents grapple with. As a result, we can rapidly give your company a significant boost in achieving your revenue targets.

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