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DocMagic, Inc.

We have had great success with SOMAmetrics to the point where we keep going back to them on a regular basis for additional help. We engage them when we have added new employees to the sales team to bring them up to speed on the DocMagic sales process. We also engage them for sales and marketing expertise when we add additional products and services. They offer a wealth of knowledge on multiple levels.

We have experienced great success with their telemarketing program. We have customers throughout the country so their marketing campaigns cover the entire United States. They are highly organized, always develop a game plan for all our telemarketing campaigns and deliver measurable results. They also supply analytics so we know where we need to adjust marketing efforts.

SOMAmetrics works with our sales team on sales scripts and how to best overcome objections. After a marketing campaign goes out, SOMAmetrics breaks down by client the multiple opportunities that each client has.

In our most recent campaign, we asked SOMAmetrics to reach out to MBA conference attendees and try to schedule face-to-face time with one of our sales reps at the conference.

We asked them to do this literally a week before the conference was to begin and they quickly assembled a team, developed a game plan, and started the campaign.

Within one week, they called 886, of which 721 were reachable. Of those 721, they had connected with 111 (13%), and they were able to set 36 appointments for us (4% of total connects).

Alan Brisbane

Chief Operating Officer

DocMagic Inc.


Alicia Assefa is the most effective Sales Leader I have ever worked with.

Michael Praeger




SOMAmetrics has exceeded my expectations.

Vaseem Anjum


SchoolCity, Inc.