Sales Territory Development

Millions of dollars in sales pipeline

Number of months to build pipeline


Sales Pipelne ROI


A Fortune 500 company with a large sales force was experiencing low sales levels in three of its eighteen sales territories.

The company expected its sales reps to follow up on marketing leads as well as make calls to generate new leads for themselves. However, as the company was finding out, many of the sales reps hated making prospecting calls. They thought it a waste of their time and instead, were mostly relying on existing customers to provide them with more business.

As a result, the company was not meeting its sales goals, especially in three large territories.

Initially, it reached out to SOMAmetrics to simply clean up its marketing database. The client thought it would take us one month to perform the database cleanup in each of the territories.


Although the client only wanted a database cleanup at first, SOMAmetrics quickly convinced the client that we could do far more than that. In fact, we could identify the decision makers and set appointment with their sales reps.

We placed experienced Business Development professionals on the project and went through each territory for a month. Within three months, the SOMAmetrics team has turned in dozens of leads resulting in over $14 million in sales pipeline.

This was a 25926% return on its cost, or $259 in sales pipeline for $1 of cost to build the sales pipeline. The company continues to rely on SOMAmetrics to transform lagging sales territories into high-performers.