Quadrant 1 High Growth Strategy

Increase usage of products and services per customer

Quadrant 1 Goal: Increase Usage

soma-quadrant1Overall Goal

Increase usage by customers an average of 5-10% over the previous year.

Quadrant 1 consists of existing customers who already buy a particular product. The goal here is to get these customers to order more of what they are already buying. If you sell software licenses, can you get them to subscribe to more licenses? If they buy boxes of widgets, can you get them to order more boxes?

Whatever product a company sells, the goal is to increase their consumption of that product by a targeted amount. If you are selling software licenses, can you increase the average license purchase per customer by ‘x’ amount? If your customer orders 100 boxes of widgets a year from you, can you increase that to 110 boxes? And how do you do that?

This is a low-touch sales environment. You want to simplify and standardize your operations so you can automate as much as you can. You want it to resemble a self-help portal where you let customers order what they want, when they want. The key is to continually market to them to drive them to do just that.

Below you will find some important tips on optimizing sales and marketing in this quadrant.

Marketing Optimization



The goal here is to automate all marketing to continually touch existing customers and give them new reasons to buy more of the products they are already using.


  • Continually come up with new ways to use your existing products that your customers are not currently doing.
  • Constantly update customers about new features that make things easier, faster for the customer
  • Give additional promotional incentive to increase usage–price savings on additional purchases, discounts on other products, etc.
  • Make certain premium services free for purchasing higher volumes
  • Send at least one promotional email campaign each month to make sure you stay front-of-mind

Sales Optimization



Increase Sales of existing products to existing customers

Ideally, Quadrant 1 sales can be completed without the help or involvement of a sales rep.


  • Make it very simple for customers to order more.
  • Automate price quotes, contracts, and ordering.
  • Make it simple to fulfill the order immediately.
  • Automate workflows to send orders to fulfillment as soon as contracts are signed.