Funnel Two: Marketing Qualified Leads

Getting Prospects to ask you to contact them

Marketing Qualified Leads

Marketing Qualified Leads (MQLs) are prospects who have elected to identify themselves to be contacted in exchange for information they need. Typically, this happens when someone within your identified target market responds to a Marketing Impression to view a marketing asset that promises to address his or her challenge. The viewer then self identifies by filling out some form on a landing page—for example to attend a webinar or access a research paper.

Creating a viable MQL pipeline is the critical work in Funnel 2 of the Four Funnels Framework.

There are generally two types of MQLs—inbound and targeted MQLs (described below). Regardless of they type, MQLs are critical to an effective Lead Generation Program. These MQLs provide the funnel that the Business Development Reps (BDRs) need to generate pipeline for your Sales Team.


Inbound MQLs

Inbound MQLs came to you because you placed relevant and useful content that was highly search optimized. As a result, a prospect who needed information in order to solve a problem she has, searched online, found your content to land on your website or one of your social media properties.

Typically, inbound MQLs are the best kind since they have a problem that they need solved in the near term. However, since you did not target them, they can be from any place in the world, or from any industry. In some cases, they may not be a good fit, even though they may have a pressing problem and ability to pay.

Targeted MQLs

Targeted MQLs are those you target through your various marketing campaigns. These can include email, direct mail, and other campaigns, and trade shows that you attend. These are likely to fit since you are deliberately targeting them. However, although they can generally use your products and services, they may or may not have a pressing need at this time.