Funnel 1: Marketing Impressions

Creating Awareness and Driving Interest

Create Awareness and Drive Curiosity

What are Marketing Impressions

Marketing Impressions are highly targeted messages meant for a member of a specific group, to be delivered through a particular medium, with the distinct purpose of arousing curiosity and interest towards a specific subject. This is the first funnel in the Four Funnels Framework, and the engine behind all effective Lead Generation programs.

This definition clearly indicates a high degree of focus:

  • Selection (of a target group, mode, media, and message)
  • Purpose–creating curiosity and interest

Any marketing effort that lacks one of the above will return lackluster efforts. It is also the reason why many Lead Generation programs do not produce the desired results.

Delivery of MI


Delivery Mode

Marketing Impressions can be pure text, image, audio, video, or combinations of any and all.

The selection of the format is very important piece of the overall message, and should be carefully selected to fit the specific audience. Tech savvy audiences may have no problem playing an audio or video file, while others might find it a difficult medium. For example, someone who hasn’t played a video file in some time might be required to first download a more recent version before she can play the video. The level of comfort of the viewer in downloading an upgrade and then playing the video could be the difference between the message being received and lost.


Delivery Medium

Email, direct mail, print ads, banner ads, YouTube, social media postings, and landing pages are some of the different ways that the a targeted audience can receive the intended message.

The delivery medium and format are highly inter-related and the choice of one can limit the choice of the other. As in the case of delivery format, the delivery tool is also an important choice that must be made with full awareness of the intended audience’s preference and daily practice.

MI are Cumulative

The power of Marketing Impressions magnifies over time if they are highly targeted (message, mode, and medium) and consistent.

Various studies show that it takes anywhere from 10 to 16 different impressions before someone acts on the call to action.

One reason why these numbers are high is because of noise–so many different messages vying for our attention and cancelling each other out.

But, perhaps more important is that these impressions are not very well targeted–in their message, mode, or delivery medium. A compelling message delivered via a medium that the intended audience hardly uses is not likely to reach that audience. That would then result in requiring more efforts to reach that audience.

Similarly a topic that is to wide for a highly targeted audience, or a highly targeted topic for a wide audience will lose out a lot of the audience, making the returns dismal.

Accumulation of Marketing Impressions is what gets a member of the intended audience to actually respond to the call to action. If the message is targeted, sooner than later, the response will occur. If not, what will likely happen is that recipients actually find the message irritating and either tune or opt out.