B2B Lead Geneation

Experienced Business Development professionals supported by world-class marketing Operations and advanced prospecting technologies, delivering high-quality Sales Leads


Marketing Operations

Advanced automation, best practices, and marketing expertise delivering high-quality MQLs from inbound and outbound campaigns



Fully optimize the world’s number one CRM Platform to automate business processes and accelerate your lead-to-revenue cycle time

Solutions: Sales Channel

Provide your VAR’s and Channel Partners with the viable leads they need to successfully sell your products

Solutions: Education Market

Tap into our deep experience selling software solutions in the Education market

Solutions: Startups

Complete marketing and sales solutions to help your startup scale quickly and efficiently

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The Science of Generating High Quality Leads

Research shows that the #1 B2B challenge is generating high quality leads


Delivering Predictable Revenue Growth

Find out how the SOMAmetrics Four Funnels System enables you to predictably achieve your revenue goals

Funnel 1

Identify and target key people with personalized messages designed to increase awareness and curiosity

Funnel 2

Deliver highly relevant and targeted content designed to convert viewers into high quality MQLs

Funnel 3

Utlize highly experienced Business Development Reps to qualify and convert SQLs that close faster and at a much higher rate 

Funnel 4

Sales professionals work on only highly qualified workable leads

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Number of Client Projects

Average Monthly Sales Pipelne per BDR

Number of Salesforce.com Projects

Average SQLs per BDR per Month

Double the Productivity of your Sales Team

The fastest, most cost-effective way to increase Sales is to let Business Development Reps build quality sales pipeline for your Sales Team.

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Teleprospecting for Executives

The definitive guide to complex B2B Lead Generation written by one of the leading experts in the field

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Components of High Quality B2B Lead Generation Service

Compelling Need

Find the pain that your prospects can’t live with for one more year. If they can, they will and sales cycles will drag on.

The Right Target

Identify the right people who make decisions and can move the deal or nothing will close.

Relevant Content

Bring prospects closer to you rather than push them away with useless sales calls. Give them a solution that can solve their problems and they will invite you in.

Smart Campaigns

Lead your prospects the way they want to buy: provoke their curiosity and their interest, then ask for their time.

Experienced Business Development Reps

Use only experienced BDRs who know how to access C-level decision-makers and talk business, not features.

Metrics Driven

Track, measure, adjust. The goal is getting leads that close faster and at a higher rate than before.

Engagement Process

Decades of work with dozens of clients, across a numerous industries, have gone into building best practices that enable to  rapidly learn, plan, and execute.



Define the compelling pain points, key targets, and messaging strategy



  • Develop content strategy
  • Develop email and social media campaigns
  • Setup metrics and KPI
  • Train team


  • Roll out marketing and call campaigns
  • Track and measure results
  • Refine and re-execute

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